MACP Black & Silver Fight Shorts - ARMY on Seat

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MACP Army Combatives Fight Shorts in Black and Silver - Front View

MACP Black & Silver Fight Shorts 
These MACP Fight Shorts are constructed of a heavy duty stretch fabric and incorporate the super stretch layered flex panel that allows for maximum flexibility. These shorts also include our bi-directional adjustable waistband system complete with internal drawstring. They are triple stitched with 5-6 inch split seems on the sides of the legs to allow for maximum freedom of movement.  The logos are also 100% embroidered for maximum durability and longevity.

The front right leg has MACP embroidered up the side of the leg. 

The front of the left leg has the MACP logo embroidered on the thigh area.

The back of the shorts have ARMY embroidered across the seat.

The stitching matches the color of the embroidery.